Analytics and Benchmarking

Helping cut costs through strategy

Our advanced marketing analysis allows LaRocca and Associates clients to anticipate the shifting benefits landscape and evolve before their competition can respond. Benchmarking data can help owners and executives determine how to structure plan designs, utilize strategies to cuts costs and make plan decisions that much easier.

Helping Owners Structure Plan Designs Efficiently.

LaRocca and Associates retains your historical claims data to allow employers to measure and pull reporting even if your medical carriers change. This data can be used to make specific recommendations and track health plan cost management strategies. The results can be utilized to illustrate expected employer costs, funding gaps and provide forecasting for upcoming plan years.


Our data warehouse delivers plan design benchmarking which can be used to compare plan design structure by industry, employer size, location, contribution strategy and specific offering. Shared clients know exactly where their employee benefit plan offerings stand in relation to their peers and can use this competitive intelligence to structure their employee benefits accordingly.

Analytics and Benchmarking
Analytics and Benchmarking 2

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Changing the way insurance is perceived by employers

Compliance Services

Without The Necessary Guidance, You May Be Left In The Dark.

Healthcare Reform has brought substantial changes to the compliance landscape.


Let Our Systems Work So You Don’t Have To.

Our virtual employee benefits portals provide access to customized companies and benefits information for employees in one secure place.

Benefits Consulting

Benefits Consulting

LaRocca & Associates believes in an “outside the box” approach to offer rich programs tailored to each of our clients’ unique needs.

Analytics & Benchmarking

Helping Cut Costs Through Strategy

Our advanced marketing analysis allows us to anticipate the shifting landscape and evolve before your competition can respond.

Human Resource Consulting

Balancing Growth At An Exponential Pace.

Benefits and Human Resources inevitably intersect. With many companies growing at an exponential pace, it can be difficult to keep up.

Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

Integrating with Best-In-Class payroll vendors to give you a streamlined process.

Enrollment Solutions

Streamlining The Open Enrollment Experience

Regardless of whether you are a one location company or a giant conglomerate with operations in all fifty States.

LaRocca Health and Wellness

LaRocca Health+

Building a stronger, healthy team means a healthier bottom line.



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